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BlueTooth Barcode Scanners
Bluetooth Scanner 1266 Bluetooth Scanner
Wireless LASER Scanner

The CipherLab 1266 Bluetooth laser scanner roams up to 100 meters (328 ft.) to go where the work and customers are. Even while out of Bluetooth coverage, it acquires and stores data in batch mode or reserve buffer, uploading it when once again in range. And the 1266 makes your investment work for you by sharing its communication cradle with up to seven CipherLab Bluetooth scanners. For retail, manufacturing, warehousing or healthcare, efficiency and value are designed into the 1266 Bluetooth Laser Scanner.
Laser scanner reads up to 63 cm (25 in.) away with wireless connectivity up to 100 meters
Capture up to 256 scans while out of range, or scan in batch mode and store up to 8192 scans
Share the 3666 communication cradle with up to seven CipherLab Bluetooth scanners
Runs up to 45 hours or 32,000 scans on a single charge
Includes ScanManager software
Built for harsh environments, withstands multiple drops to concrete
Supports multiple interfaces, communicates with any host with a Bluetooth profile

1266 BlueTooth Laser Barcode Scanners