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Support and Services

CipherLab is a leader in AIDC solutions. With our experience and expertise in many industries, we can help you find the right solutions for your particular business and operations. The following resources will help answer your questions about CipherLab solutions. If you need additional information, please Contact Us.

The CipherLab Service Centre is only able to support CipherLab products purchased thru CipherLab Sales Channel within Australia. If purchased outside the Australian Sales Channel, will need to be sent back to that region for support and service.

CipherLab Australia does not sell directly to the end user and supports a distribution reseller channel. If it is of a support enquiry, please ensure first that this is requested thru the CipherLab Australian wholesaler/reseller channel from where the products were originally purchased. Otherwise a support fee may be applied. If unsure of reseller, please have your product's serial number handy and contact us, we will carry out a search for the reseller.

The CipherLab service centre will require the serial number of the product before any servicing or support can be given. For mobile computers, the serial # can be located behind the battery. Please remove the battery case first to find this.
Repair Services

Simply send us your items with an enclosed note stating the fault description, your full company details including delivery address and contact details. It is also recommended to enclose a copy of your invoice.
Once the parcel is received, we will notify you accordingly. If you would like to check the warranty status or any information regarding your repair, please feel free to Contact Us.
Contact Tech Support

For additional information or technical support regarding CipherLab and its products, please feel free to Contact Us. A CipherLab representative will be pleased to respond to all your queries.