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We provide handheld barcode scanners and pda barcode scanners (Mobile Computers) to all Australia and have been doing so for almost 20 years, supplying to globally & nationally recognised brands including Coca-Cola,  Virgin Airlines, AH Beards, R.S.P.C.A, W.A.C.A. Cricket Ground, AGL, Department of Justice, Department of Education, New South Wales (NSW) Tafes & Defence to name just a few.

CipherLab barcode scanners are used in Australia covering many types of barcode systems, and are used in applications such as stocktaking, warehousing, asset tracking and asset management, document tracking and document management. Our portable barcode scanners are used in libraries, schools in health and government solutions.

As part of our comprehensive barcoding system solutions we offer a host of barcode scanners to Australian businesses including the following:

  • Value Barcode Scanners - Durable, cost-effective barcode systems which are proven over time as a long-lasting scanning product.

  • Mobile Barcode Scanners (Mobile Computers) - Suitable for data collection in sales, delivery, logistics & inventory control in your warehouse. Scanners come equipped with a variety of features and rechargeable batteries or charging cradles.

  • Bluetooth Barcode Scanners - Accurate, fast and easy-to-use barcode readers which are ideal for environments where flexibility and mobility are key to improving efficiency.

  • USB Barcode Scanners - A convenient hardware option which is easily integrated to existing data management.

With our office, warehouse and service centre in Sydney, we are well equipped to supply, support & service CipherLab PDA barcode scanners and mobile computers throughout the country.

Call CipherLab anytime for a free analysis of your business and your needs so we can assess which barcode scanner, portable barcode scanner or barcode system best suits your company's requirements.

Whether it's a handheld barcode scanner or cordless barcode scanner, we have the right solution for you!

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