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CipherLab's Forge Batch Application Generator makes fast work of developing new, custom data collection templates for CipherLab batch-type mobile computers. Forge Batch Application Generator uses a PC-based simulator as your development environment, so it's easy to develop new templates and quickly see how they perform on the simulated terminal. Design new applications on your PC in minutes, then download for instant use on a CipherLab device with a runtime version of Forge Batch Application Generator.

Development Tools
Forge Batch Application Generator

Simple and easy to use GUI development environment
Lets you quickly create up to ten customized forms with 80 fields, up to ten menus, and up to three lookup files
Simulates application on the PC during development
All prompts and messages can be modified or translated
Flexible communication interface options: cradle-IR, RS-232, IrDA, modem, and Bluetooth
Includes utilities for downloading programs and lookup files to the mobile computer and reading from the mobile computer

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For a trial version of Forge Batch Application Generator, contact CipherLab Australia.

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