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Mobile Computers
8600 Series New Generation of cOS Terminals
Designed for the demanding needs of warehouse, distribution center and manufacturing industry, the CipherLab 8600 series combines functionality, ruggedness, and mobility all into one terminal with easy-to-use features. The 8600 series operates with the CipherLab Operating System (cOS), which reduces redundant system programming and fulfills serious AIDC applications. Its compact design is shelled with durability which makes it easy to move around. Along with versatile features and value-added software, 8600 series is an ideal companion for your work force and will undoubtedly simplify their tasks and increase their overall productivity.

New Generation: The 8600 Series
The 8600 series mobile computer is a pioneer product of new generation. It is a combination of functionality, ruggedness, and mobility rolled all into one efficient device. The new 8600 has a color display that defines background and text with various colors to improve readability and support rich data management tasks. It runs on CipherLab OS to reduce redundancy in programs and applications for users. A rugged protection standard is in place to fully protect the 8600’s functions and features. A modular charging / communication system and swappable keypad provides flexible configuration. Along with all these features, the Forge Application Generator designed for the 8600 provides new and updated benefits for productivity.
CipherLab 8600 series, new handheld terminal for warehousing, distribution center, manufacturing