Sydney Sewing and Craft Supplies "8370" Series" Installation at the largest haberdashery group in Asia and Australia
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SSS - Sydney Sewing & Craft Supplies
Sydney Sewing Spares Pty Ltd, as they were called then, began in August 1977, as a wholesaler of Sewing Machine Parts & Accessories.
This business grew steadily over the next nine years, until 1986 when it was decided to change direction to haberdashery!

“We changed our name to Sydney Sewing Supplies and began to concentrate on the development of our own range.
To facilitate a rapid expansion internationally, we established our own centralised packaging and distribution company in Hong Kong”
SSS is now part of Sew Group International - the largest haberdashery group in Asia and Australia, with separate companies for manufacturing, international sales & distributing and wholesaling in Australia. SSS have about 80 employees with a warehouse that is 2400m2 and with around 25,000 line items.

Sew Group International is a wholly Australian owned group, and we are very proud to be at the cutting edge of the international haberdashery and craft industry.
To accommodate their rapid expansion, SSS invested in Wi-Fi - 802.11b Barcoding technology. They ended up choosing the Cipherlab 8370 Wireless terminals hoping that productivity could be improved.

The General Manager for SSS – Chris Castley, spoke to Cipherlab about a number of issues relating to the Cipherlab 8370s and their performance. “We use the Cipherlab terminals for mainly picking but also use it for inventory control. Being wireless also means our pickers have information that is live which we feel is a great benefit to us” Since we have implemented the Cipherlab terminals, our productivity has definitely increased”
Have you found the Cipherlab terminals reliable?
“They are good. We have been using the terminals since the 28/04/04. Since then we have purchased over 50 units and have found that they are reliable. We are also happy with the level of support that we get as well”

Why did SSS choose Cipherlab and would you recommend them?
“We chose Cipherlab because we did do our homework and looked around. The Cipherlab portable data terminals represented very good and better value for money to the rest of their competition. We would definitely recommend Cipherlab” – Chris Castley – General Manager – SSS Sewing & Craft Supplies.
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