CipherLab CPT8570 used to help deliver a powerful set of warehousing and distribution services to help ensure success.

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Supply Today/ KJ Vost Reference Site

Who are Supply Today?

Established in 1998, Supply Today delivers a powerful set of warehousing and distribution services to help ensure your success.

Our services provide a practical, fresh perspective that helps you become more competitive and gives you the 'on-the-spot' solutions you need to lead your industry and the visibility to see an order being picked via our Cipherlab RF scanners on your own web browser in your own office in real time.

Supply Today operate a site at Mt Kuringai, for a company called KJ Vost. The warehouse size is 840sqm and have 1,140 SKUs.
The implementation of wireless portable data terminals for KJ Vost reduced man hours by 35%. It also reduced errors, which to turn, improved the  accuracy rate to 99.4%.

Cipherlab Australia spoke to Managing Director of Supply Today - John Hogg and asked him for his feedback on Cipherlab and their products.

What applications do you use the 8570s for. "We use them for inventory control, Picking, receiving, dispatching, re-cycling, put aways and replenishing of stock."

How do you interface the units to your backend? "With Terminal Emulation."

Why did you choose the 8570 Cipherlab Terminals? "Basically……Cipherlab understood my needs and gave me fantastic service. I spoke to a number of other suppliers and found the service and support did not match Cipherlab's so we stuck with Cipherlab".

What are some of the best features that you like about the 8570s. "We like the robustness of the units. They get well used and roughed up and that does not seem to bother them. They also have a great screen size and we like the flexibility of being able to order the terminals with or without the pistol grips".

The units have been in operation since 1st Nov 2006. Have you found them reliable. "Yes…definitely"

How have you found the support and service. You mentioned that it's one of the reasons you went with Cipherlab. "Definitely……but to add to that. We had some other network issues with our system and because of this…..we could not get the 8570s working properly or they were working intermittently. Cipherlab came down out of working hours……on the weekend and resolved this. Turned out to be a few things that were non Cipherlab related but they still got it going for me. I will never forget that"

Would you recommend Cipherlab and there products to anyone? "Of course we would. They are fantastic in every department" - John Hogg - Managing Director - Supply Today.
At Supply Today, we employ a true hands-on approach. We don't just tell you what needs to be done; we do it using our tool box.

  •    Advanced warehouse management system
  •    Radio Frequency (FR) scanners for all activities
            in the warehouse
  •    Bar codes
  •    On line real time help desk
  •    On line real time order visibility
  •    Experience

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