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CipherLab's Mobile Solutions "8370" Series Makes the going easy at Test-Rite's Warehouse

Test-Rite Imports Australasia Pty Ltd Chooses the CipherLab 8370 for its warehouse application. " We wanted to try for a more cost effective alternative to the major brands, who to us did not represent good value for money. The CipherLab 8370 seemed to satisfy all our requirements and roughly half the cost, so we decided to give the units a try. We haven't looked back or bought another brand of unit since" said Mark Hawkins, General Manager

When Test-Rite Australasia was looking for the right tool to run its warehouse and complete its Microsoft Great Plains solution, RADIO BEACON WMS proved to be a perfect fit. Using the Cipherlab 8370 Wi-Fi 802.11b terminals Mark Hawkins, General Manager , was asked about the reliability and usefullness of the terminals and he commented.....…..”We first started buying the Cipherlab terminals back in December 04. There are 50 terminals to date that we are using for receiving stock, sales order picking, stocktake and inventory control.
After a review of the oringinal data terminals, Test Rite asked JRC International Pty Ltd, a CipherLab partner to recommened a more cost effective hardware data terminal solution.  
CipherLab Australia is backed by a full in-house service facility to service all the equipment it sells and with PARTNERS with offices in most states CipherLab offers a fast turnaround and low cost repairs. " Service is very good, with reasonable repair times and overall costs. Parts are always avaiable locally so the turnaround time is usually kept to within a week", I can wholeheartedly recommend Cipherlab and have on many occasions" said Mark Hawkins, General Manager of Test-Rite.
The terminals are reliable and durable. Coupled with a compatible access point they provide excellent range and response. Battery life is incompareable. We have had units from other manufactures, and for our application the value for money can't be beaten."
Test-Rite Imports Australasia Pty Ltd is a hand tool and hardware importer wholesaling primarily to the hardware and auto parts store market in NSW Australia. Test-Rite's product line consists of over 1800 hand tools and hardware items imported largely from China, with a small percentage coming from Taiwan, India and Brazil. Marketing tools under its own Medalist® brand, Test-Rite is widely respected for its quality, value and broad range of products.
After looking at Test Rite's operations, JRC recommended the CipherLab 8370 Wireless Terminal running under "Terminal Emulation". Because Test Rite had been going through a great deal of expansion more wireless coverage was required to increase the wireless coverage of their warehouses and the Belkin "N" type router was selected, replacing the original well known devises. When asked about the support, Mark Hawkins commented " We use telnet which is a fairly simple interface and therefore has limited issues. In the early stages, there was no ability to customise certain keys, but that has been available for at least a year and a half now, so we have no issues what so ever. The handheld application is 100% compatible with our WMS."
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Operating from a 3000 m2 warehouse located in Western Sydney, Test-Rite ships over 15000 orders a year, handling approximately 500,000 individual items through its doors, a daunting task handled by a staff of only 20.