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Problem identified at Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA)

Member cards of the WACA are non-transferable, and the WACA needed a way to make sure that the Member cards entering the Ground were in the possession of the valid Member, by checking the Members personal information, such as full name, address, date of birth and Membership join date.

The 8001 data terminal seemed to be the ideal solution because of the following reasons.

The 8001 offered a total solution for the problems that the WACA was experiencing. No software was required to be written as the unit is supplied with the application generator software. The 8001 units are also very competitive in price.

Unit price included charger, cables and download cradle along with the application generator software for the handset.

The WACA had a few problems to start with setting the Members database into the handset and with the application software. After speaking to the support people at Cipherlab Australia about the troubles they were having, Cipherlab were able to look at what was required and made a list of recommendations along with some minor changes to the application generator software.

24 January 2007

Tim Sawyer
CipherLab General Manager
728 Garling Road

Hi Tim

We have recently purchased some CipherLab scanners from a retail outlet in Western Australia, and had some problems installing software and uploading the information into our scanners.

The service that we received from your office was outstanding. The issues took time and effort  to resolve, and support was always willing to help.The scanners now do exactly what we want them to do, and we would not have been able to achieve this without your assistance. Please pass on our sincere thanks to support and we look forward to working with CipherLab again in the future

Kind Regards

Roger Cripps
Membership Manager

Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA) solves Member card problem using CipherLab CPT8001 Portable Terminal
The Cipherlab 8001 terminals have been a big success for the WACA and look forward to working with Cipherlab Australia again in the near future. 
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