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Coca Cola Amatil - Full Story                              Warehousing and Stocktaking             
"The Cipherlab terminals have been a fantastic asset and valuable tool for our operations and have certainly made life much easier"

Test-Rite Australasia -Full Story                              Warehousing                                                  
"Service is very good, with reasonable repair times and overall costs. Parts are always avaiable locally so the turnaround time is usually kept to within a week, I can wholeheartedly recommend Cipherlab and have on many occasions"

WACA Cricket Ground - Full Story                  Ticket Verification                                  
"The service that we received from your office was outstanding. The issues took time and effort  to resolve, and support was always willing to help.The scanners now do exactly what we want them to do, and we would not have been able to achieve this without your assistance. Please pass on our sincere thanks to support and we look forward to working with CipherLab again in the future".

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RSPCA Victoria                                      Stocktaking                   
Prior to using CipherLab, we purchased a well known brand name, but never could quite get them to integrate into our system. The CipherLab 8001 terminals we purchased later have worked without any problems at all for our stocktaking requirements, The free software that comes with the terminals (Forge Batch Application Generator) was relatively quite easy to use and easy to integrate into our system. I wish we had used CipherLab earlier!

Shane Van Houlsen - Information Systems Manager - R.S.P.C.A. Victoria

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